China factory water well drilling tricone bit 12 1/4

we are a professional supplier of drilling tools,including tricone bit,PDC tricone bit,Hole opener,single cone bit and so on.With years of study and refining of the introduced technology, we have succeeded in the field of product research with proprietary intellectual property rights.Also, we have made major breakthrough in the lines of analogue simulation in bottom-hole flow field,profile optimization,design of inserts arrangement and low torque,material and manufacturing techniques etc. As a result, our products own better characters of service and ranges of application.Mainly used for oil and gas,mining,geothermal,construction and so on.

The products of our company have achieved industrialization and serialization.Besides our company has always laying importance on the technical exchanges and cooperation with the counterparts both at home and abroad.Our products have been sold all over the world, including the United States, England,Canada,Brazil,Russia,Italy,Iran,Saudi Arabia,Korea, India, and Poland and so on.

Main products

tricone bit(mill tooth and tungsten carbide insert tricone bit)

PDC bit(matrix body and steel body PDC bit)

hole opener(HDD rock reamer,barrel reamer,fluted reamer,etc)

drag bit(step drag bit,PDC drag bit,chevron drag bit,etc)

accessories(roller cone,bit breaker,ring gauge,nozzle ,etc)